Dendrochronology is the science of dreams (dendron-tree, chronos-temps, logos-study), like a time machine, it allows us to discover the intimate secrets of trees; its application proceeds from a rigorous and ethical approach, mastery of research and analysis techniques, as well as from a great capacity for adaptation and unfailing patience.

I offer you my expertise in these fields in order to accompany you and guide you throughout this journey where we will seek together to restore the history of this wood material.


Trained in cabinetmaking before joining the Faculty of Art History and Archaeology, Didier Pousset applied himself to adapt the dendrochronological tool to the field of the work of art and to add his technical knowledge to constitute the discipline called archaeodendrometry (study and measurement of heritage woods). Drawing on his experience with multiple institutions, museums and private collectors, he also provides training to heritage schools linked to conservation/restoration, inviting students/professionals to immerse themselves in the restitution of the gestures and practices used by the wood corporations over time.



Trainer/lecturer with institutes for the restoration of works of art and art history (INP, TALM, Ecole du Louvre, etc.)

Practical courses and restitution of cutting and woodworking techniques in order to sensitize students/professionals to the selection of wood material and its reasoned work according to pre-industrial practices.


Savoyard medieval sculptures / ARC Nucléart – CEA Grenoble

Study program covering a vast set of Savoyard sculptures with applied brocades, with a view to characterizing the woods and the techniques of implementation.


King’s desks / National Museum of the Palaces of Versailles and Trianon

Contribution to the study of the desk of Louis XIV commissioned from A.J Oppenordt in 1685, and of the roll-top desk of the Interior Cabinet of Louis XV – designed by J.F Oeben and delivered by Riesener in 1769.


Shipwrecks / DRASSM, CNRS, INRAP, Museum of Lyon

Archaeodendrometric studies of wood composing shipwrecks/lightships/canoes discovered in archaeological contexts (ancient and medieval periods).

Since 2008

Boulle Furniture/ Department of Decorative Arts - Louvre Museum, C2RMF

Participation in interdisciplinary research for the publication of the full collection of the Boulle furniture from the Louvre Museum


Foundation of the Laboratory of Wood Expertise and Dating by Dendrochronology

which allowed the development of the ARCHEODENDROMETRY applied to works of art.