Carved group – Chambery Museum

The archaeodendrometric study presented below was undertaken at the same time as the conservation/preventive treatments, and focused on a polychrome wooden sculptural group depicting Saint Anne, the crowned Virgin and the infant Jesus, all housed in a two-leaf closed oratory from the Musée Savoisien in Chambéry (73).

Aiming to provide new data on the implementation of this sculpture and its oratory, the first step was to carry out surveys to characterize the woods used, to understand their shaping and to provide, if possible, dating by dendrochronology or carbon 14C.

The archaeodendrometric study carried out attests to the exclusive use of Swiss Pine (Pinus cembra) for all the pieces; the wood used was both radially split for the blocks of the carved group, and pit-sawn for the planks making up the body and leaves.


Collaboration : Sabrina Vétillard – Conservation/Restoration Workshop / Grenoble