Episcopal Palace of Beauvais – 14th century

The archaeodendrometric study carried out on some forty timbers from the framework structures of the south and north towers of the entrance porch […] complements the previous study conducted in 2021 on the Saint Pierre wing. The chronological observations established support the previous dates, establishing the contemporaneity of all the oaks harvested between the autumn of 1309 and the beginning of the summer of 1310. Young trees of 40 to 50 cm in diameter were felled to make the load-bearing beams, more mature oaks (nearly 200 years old) for the floor of building D, and large batches of young trees (40 to 60 years old) were squared to form the rafters, crossbowmen, beams, jambettes, blocks, ridges, oblique ties, etc. necessary for the various framing devices.

Collaboration: Conseil D√©partemental de l’Oise, and Collective Research Project entitled “History and Archaeology of the Episcopal Palace of Beauvais”, [dir. Nicolas Bilot].